8 Steps to Revenue Cycle Management

1. Patient Registration

Royalty Medical Billing Firm can handle patient registration, ensuring that patient demographic and insurance information is accurate and up to date.

2. Insurance Verification

We can verify the patient’s insurance eligibility, ensuring that the services provided are covered by insurance on the date of the appointment.

3. Appointment Scheduling

We can put your patients on the calendar, During this process we discuss all financial obligations related to this appointment with the patient. This way the patient is prepared to pay any out-of-pocket on the day of service.

4. Supporting Documents

Through this process, we gather all supporting documents i.e., referrals, consultation notes, scans, x-rays, medical records, etc. To be received and reviewed by a provider at the time of patient encounter.

5. Charge Capture

We strive to get medical billing right the 1st time. During this process we employ strategies that investigate the procedures at hand. We apply all rules, guidelines, and regulations to the process, Submitting for pre-determinations, and prior authorizations as well. Ensuring all services provided are billed correctly and due to medical necessity.

6. Claim Process

We electronically submit all claims through an integrated clearing house. All daims are reviewed and scrubbed for NCCI edits and accuracy.

7. Remittance

During this process we bill secondary insurances, insurance follow-up, denials and appeals, payment reconsiderations, in addition to all administrative and clerical duties necessary for billed claim outcome to result in 100% reimbursement.

8. Collections

We send patient statements, insurance payment posting, and aging report analysis. Contact us at any time if you need help!