What We Do


  • Overcome financial and operational challenges and reduce cost
  • Stay in compliance with prescribed data security standards
  • Gain maximum reimbursement across both inpatient and outpatient structures
  • Gain insights and specific recommendations to prevent cash flow fluctuation and bottlenecks
  • Recover lost revenue, prevent future denials and liquidate money stuck in aging AR
  • Extended Business Office Services can be arranged with customized plans according to your policies and procedures.

Practice Management

Offering a simplified way to stay on top of your day-to-day operations before, during, and after the point of care. We offer a comprehensive practice management suite that has been designed to provide software solutions that enhance office efficiency and the overall patient experience. This healthcare technology integrates seamlessly with your current EMR system or can serve as a stand-alone for your practices EHR/EMR needs. Allowing you to manage your patient intake process, full reporting functionality, A/R tracking, and much more.

Medical Billing Services in Moreno Valley, CA

A comprehensive solution that:

  • Stores patient data in a reliable, secure backend.
  • Replaces outdated processes with digital automated functionality
  • Improves communication between practice and patients.
  • Cloud based access ealily installed and implemented for remote capabilities.
  • Improves communication between practice and patients
  • Complete with the 8 steps of Revenue Cycle Management
  • Offers conveniently complete, payment solution suite that post patient and insurance payments, bill secondary insurances and collections

Revenue Cycle Management Service At It’s Best

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The global pandemic has had a significant impact on healthcare organizations. As this industry tries to brace for impact the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care reimbursement has not been an easy task. We have adapted a process called 8 STEPS to Revenue Cycle Management. It is a thought-out process we help our billing providers employ that comes housed with the medical billing suite, patient appointment scheduling, payer-provider communications, application of appropriate ICD-10 codes, and cloud based storage for medical record documentation. This platform is driven by technology and automation critical in the rapid recovery of processed claims and a key component to sustaining your practices good financial health.
Customized Solutions for Every Step of The Revenue Cycle Management Process

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Medical Billing & Coding


By Utilizing our integrated RCM suites functionality, the medical billing process has already been applied paving the way for our medical coding services suite. These services can be used in conjunction with the medical billing services suite or used as a stand-alone application for special projects. Our medical billing and coding process starts with data analysis. We transform healthcare diagnoses, procedures, medical services, treatments, and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric code sets. Coding every patients encounter to the highest of specificity.
We address both sides of coding by identifying missed revenue opportunities as well
as potential compliance risks due to inaccurate coding.

  • Manage data analysis and code sets for diagnoses and procedures codes for inpatient, outpatient environments, facility, medical clinics, practices, and much more.
  • Work closely with physicians, technicians, insurance companies, and other integral parties to uncover and discuss coding analysis results
  • Develop, modify, and execute coding policies, guidelines, and procedures that affect immediate operations.
  • Analyze issues where understanding situations or data, requires in-depth knowledge of organizational objectives
  • Implement strategic policies, while selecting methods and evaluation criteria for obtaining accurate results
  • Scrubs procedural and diagnosis codes against Correct Coding Initiative and payer-specific edits.


Credentialing and Contracting

What you get with our Provider Enrollment and Physician Credentialing

Credentialing management suite which encompasses filing documents for Hospital Privileging, Government Enrollments, Health Plan Paneling, CAQH and Licenses Expiry to aid new and existing individual providers and medical groups to ramp-up their profitability.

  • An “All Purpose” credentialing manager to represent you with commercial and government payors.
  • We complete all applications and necessary paperwork on your behalf with the chosen payor networks and government entities.
  • Coding and credentialing: are you doing it right?
  • Status reports so you know where you are in the process with each payor.
  • Maintain and update CAQH profile.
  • Complete all necessary credentialing requirements for each payor and follow through to completion.
  • Follow all payor contracts through to contract load date and provide copy of fully executed contract and fee schedules to your practice or billing company.

What Enrollment and Physician Credentialing Services We Help With:

  • Commercial Insurance Provider Enrollment and Credentialing (ie. Aetna, Anthem, BCBS, CIGNA, TriCare, Humana, UnitedHealthcare, Many More!)
  • Medicare and Medicaid Provider Enrollment and CredentialingShutterstock 2122615457 (1)
  • Medicare and Medicaid Revalidation
  • CAQH Registration
  • NPI Registration (Type I and Type II)
  • Reimbursement Issues
  • Managed Care Contracting Issues
  • Hospital Privileging



Rather face to face or in a virtual environment, Let us train your staff to succeed in healthcare billing practices, leverage data and technology to optimize existing business operations, improve clinical outcomes and create a more consumer-centric healthcare experience that consistently reaching maximum reimbursement. We partner with clients from across the healthcare spectrum to develop and implement a comprehensive action plan that delivers on quality and performance special emphasis in effective communication between the billing department, measures through advanced analytics derived from integration and utilization evidence.

Let us train your staff on:

  • The newest trends in billing and coding
  • Rules, Laws, and Organization that govern Medical Billing Practices
  • Evaluation and Management 2021 Guidelines
  • Clinical Documentation and Improvement
  • How to billing for virtual appointments
  • Covid 19 related billing trends
  • EHR implementation training
  • And much more.

Our Services in Moreno Valley, CA

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